Deli 14318 A3 Laminating Machine

৳ 5,900.00


Key Features :

  • Laminating Speed: 250-400 mm/min
  • Film width: A3; Laminating Width: 70-150 mm
  • Film range: 70-150 mic
  • Plastic package thickness: ≤0.6 mm


Color Light Gray
Dimension 490 * 150 * 75mm
Max laminating thickness 0.6mm
Speed 300-500mm / min
Voltage/frequency AC 220-240 (V)


Warranty 01 Year

Deli 14318 A3 Laminating Machine

Deli 14318 is an A3 and A4 Film Laminating Machine from Deli. 14318 is suitable for documents below 250mm or A3 width. Both of them have a maximum laminating thickness of 0.6mm, and also have 2 adjustable temperature gear which is designed to fit with different thicknesses of the film. The noise is less than 55dB when they’re operating is another popular feature. It has a pre-heat time of 3 to 5 minutes. The speed is ranged from 250 mm per minute to 400 mm per minute. The Glue Speed of this Laminator is 300- 500 mm per minute. It features an adjustable temperature and a work status indicator. It also has a reverse function with a Laminating film size range support of 70-150 mic. The maximum supported film width is of A4 size with a plastic package of less or equal to 0.6 mm thickness. It also has a manual film stripping button. In case of a power failure or a plastic packaging deviation, the manual film stripping button can be pushed immediately to suspend the plastic sealing and take it out manually.


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